Students from all over the world participate in a new edition of the master IDOH at IRTA-CReSA

2019-06-27T11:14:32+02:00June 27, 2019|

Between 27th May and 7th June, the practical Biosafety & Biosecurity module of the Erasmus Mundus Infectious Disease One Health Master (IDOH) was held at the IRTA-CReSA facilities. This is the second edition of the master’s degree, of the 2018-2020 class.

There are very few initiatives that address Biosecurity and Bioprotection in the university environment, and even fewer that allow attendees to work in a basic unit of high biological containment. One of the four semesters of the Infectious Disease One Health (IDOH) Erasmus Mundus is held at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Biosafety & Biosecurity module is managed by IRTA-CReSA staff with the collaboration of a recognized expert in risk assessment. Dr. Jurgen Mertsching, from the Faculty of Medicine of Hannover.