Internal RLASB conference on Emerging Diseases

2019-10-03T10:55:56+02:00October 2, 2019|

Last 30th September the “INIA-CReSA: Emerging Diseases at ICTS RLASB” conference was held at the Animal Health Research Center (INIA-CISA) in Valdeolmos, Madrid.

The conference was attended by researchers from the two nodes INIA-CISA and IRTA-CReSA, as well as researchers from the INIA Department of Biotechnology in the field of animal health with the aim of explaining and sharing the research lines of each. In addition, assessing opportunities for collaboration in research and empowerment of the ICTS in the field of animal health.

Fernando Rodríguez, until now director of IRTA-CReSA, presented the lines of research and activities that are carried out in the IRTA-CReSA node, highlighting research in African Swine fever. Similarly, the director of INIA-CISA Marisa Arias, explained the activity carried out in this node.

Next, Marina Torres, in charge of management and communication, explained the operation of the RLASB, the activities carried out so far, the new corporate image and the dissemination channels of the ICTS.

On the part of the IRTA-CReSA node, the researchers Núria Busquets and Lliliane Ganges explained the research activity that they carry out and lead each one of them.

On the part of the Department of Biotechnology of INIA, Covadonga Alonso and Rafael Blasco explained the lines of research with potential for collaboration with the RLASB.

The day ended with the intervention of the researcher Miguel Angel Jiménez-Clavero and a round table discussion and assessment of different aspects of the RLASB and how to improve the access operation system.