Available the new book of the Spanish ICTS

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The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities publishes a new edition of the Map of the Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS) of Spain that includes a total of 29 ICTS with 62 infrastructures, replacing the previous edition of 2014.

The Map includes the main infrastructures of Spanish science and innovation, classified into eight thematic areas. The ICTS are scientific and technological facilities, unique in their area of esearch and with a high investment, maintenance and operation cost that the General State Administration and the Autonomous Communities jointly support in a public co-responsibility exercise. The main objective is to enhance the capabilities of the ICTS and boost its industrial use.

Historical chronology of the ICTS

January 2007: the first ICTS Map was agreed at the III Conference of Presidents, prepared with the participation of the Autonomous Communities. At that time, only the INIA-CISA Animal Health Research Center formed the RLASB.

October 2014: the first update of the ICTS map was agreed at the Scientific, Technological and Innovation Policy Council (CPCTI) meeting. IRTA-CReSA became part of the RLASB, becoming an ICTS distributed in two nodes. It is also agreed that the map will be updated every 4 years, with the competence of the CPCTI for approval.

November 2018: a new update is approved for the 2017-2020 period at the meeting of the Council of Scientific, Technological and Innovation Policy, general coordinating body for scientific and technical research in Spain of which 10 ministries with competences in R&I and the Autonomous Communities are part.