UV radiation and SurePureTurbulator: safer food supplements for animals

2019-08-06T10:37:16+02:00August 6, 2019|

New study published in Plos One about the implementation of ultra-violet C inactivation in plasma processing plants.


For most human blood derivatives, the production standard incorporates two stages of inactivation and / or elimination of microorganisms, as recommended by the corresponding regulatory agencies. On the other hand, the legislation to which the animal plasma is subjected to animal nutrition only requires an effective processing stage for the inactivation and / or elimination of microorganisms, mainly bacteria.

Despite complying with current legislation and being a safe product, its biosecurity is often questioned due to its nature of blood pressure, especially when emerging or re-emerging pathogens appear in animal populations. For this reason, it was decided to take as an example the model of production applied to human hemoderivatives, and then seek another phase of inactivation of microorganisms to implement as a redundant step of biosecurity in the SDP production process